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OpenRAVE plugins

The core of the OpenGRASP simulator is OpenRAVE. The Open Robotics and Animation Virtual Environment is a simulator created by Rosen Diankov at the Planning And Autonomy Lab in the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute.

OpenRAVE is designed as a plugin-based architecture which allows to create new components to continuously improve its original specifications. Each plugin is an implementation of a standard interface that can be loaded dynamically without the need of recompiling the core. Following this design, different kind of plugins can be created such as sensors, planners, controllers or physics engines.


Although a many plugins are already implemented to provide basic functionality, the current grasp simulation functionality offered has several shortcomings. In order to improve OpenRAVE we added the following functionality:

  • Implementation of plugins for specific sensors used to improve the grasping capabilities of the robot.
  • Implementation of more physics engines and collision checkers that helps to compare and improve the simulation performance.
  • Implementation of a standard plugin interface of a basic actuator and development of these type of motors. This would allow us to accurately simulate the motors of the arm and hands joints.


Get the latest version of the available plugins for OpenRAVE here.